Security and VPNs

dellSonicWALL  makes corporate quality firewalls which are affordable for small businesses. Most consumer quality firewalls just keep the bad guys from simply walking in the front door or breaking it down. But a SonicWALL, as part of its Unified Threat Management (Content Filtering, Intrusion Prevention, Spyware Scanning, and Virus Protection), performs Deep Packet Inspection on everything going from and to the Internet, looking for viruses, spyware, ransomware, trojans, etc. Your SonicWALL can provide VPN tunnels to other offices or remote machines, & WiFi (one for your staff and one for your guests) with IPSec security and the ability to spread wireless zones over large areas.

Most models can now report on and control individual applications being used by staff. The reporting they provide is outstanding and can help you limit destination Web sites as part of your HR policy, and restrict bandwidth for applications using more than their fair share.


vipertempVIPRE®:  VIPRE Antivirus was built completely from scratch with the latest generation technology, providing powerful protection without the bloat. It’s all we use at Giant Step. The Business versions include a Management Console that goes on your server.

To buy, or to get a 30 day free demo, just write us (} or call. Please let us handle your purchases and demos so that we will be registered with VIPRE as your personal sales reps and can give you the attention you deserve.