Are you frustrated with your office communications?

You’re probably not communicating efficiently.

I am the guy to fix this at a reasonable price, with respect for your business and you, and with a good attitude. Want to know brands or models or terminology? Click here.


Giant Step helps businesses become better integrated – enabling them to operate more efficiently, allowing their staffs to communicate more effectively, providing worker mobility, and helping them communicate with customers better.

philwells_giantstepcommunications We provide products and services for small and medium sized businesses that will improve your company’s efficiency, security, and office communications, and save you money.

Examples: smart business phone systems, fax servers, network security and remote connectivity, MS Outlook business information manager, wireless networks, and general networking. Compared with typical IT VARs and Integrators, we limit our focus to a narrow range of products and services to maximize our expertise with the products we sell and support. We also provide M2M (machine to machine) communications solutions and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems. Read more.